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Mobility Scooters
12V 12AH Battery
Set of 4 Batteries Sale $149
Single Battery Sale $39
Special Sale
Ends 16th August 2014
12V 20AH Battery
Set of 4 Batteries Sale $219
Single Battery Sale $55
Electric Scooter # 01
(Sold Out)
Retail $799 Save $300 
Electric Scooter # 02
Sale $599
Retail $899 Save $300
Electric Scooter # 04
Sale $499
Retail $899 Save $400
Electric Scooter # 07
Sale $699
Retail $1199 Save $500
Electric Scooter # 08
Sale $799
Retail $1199 Save $400
Electric Scooter # 09
Sale $899
Retail $1199 Save $300
Electric Scooter # 10 (60V)
Sale $999
Retail $1199 Save $200
Electric Scooter # 12
Sale $1099
Retail $1399 Save $300
Electric Scooter # 21 (64V)
Sale $1299
Retail $1699 Save $400
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EBike / Electric Bike / Scooter Ebike travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no wind, warm temprature with a 175lb rider and no extra cargo. Pictures and Specifications are for reference only they do not mean anything and may change little bit here and there without notice. EBikes / Electric Bikes / Scooter Ebikes are now street legal in Ontario for age 16 and up with an approved bike helmet as per the information available when the website was last published, some conditions apply. Please check with your local Ministry Of Transportation office for more information.
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All Prices are in Canadian Dollars. All prices are for boxed units and already 4% cash discounted. PDI & Taxes are extra. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. No Rain Checks, Quantity Limited. Product and product size may vary from picture. Product specification and configeration may change little bit here and there as we receive it from manufacturer or supplier. Please visit store for more details.